Rajesh Pranavam – A brand new website

Profile: Rajesh Pranavam initially started as “PRANAVAM THE SCHOOL OF PIANO” in Trivandrum They have vast experience in piano training through the studies on international methods, they succeeded in developing a training system which caters the taste and efficiency of the students. For implementing the self-developed piano coaching method and for conveying the importance of piano in composing and conducting music, they started this organization. … Continue reading Rajesh Pranavam – A brand new website

Featuring – Alnatron Groups

Alnatron Groups  Are you in search of skilled project developers on electronics and communication? You can reach out Alnatron Groups  They are skilled project developers working on all kinds of projects for students as well as other individuals. They are ready to build best quality projects and also provide services on any stream of electronics and communication according to the requirements of the customer. Alnatron … Continue reading Featuring – Alnatron Groups

Setup Multi Store With Multi Domain in Magento 2

One of Magento’s greatest strengths is its capabilities for scaling to support multi-site, multi-store and multi-language retailing all from the single admin. One instance of the Magento software can enable you to start multiple websites or store views that use different Default languages, Domain names, Categories. This feature allows you to create websites, stores as many as you need only in the single configuration. All … Continue reading Setup Multi Store With Multi Domain in Magento 2

Voice Commerce

Is voice commerce the next big thing in Online Shopping?

What is Voice commerce (vCommerce) actually means? Well, Voice commerce is a user interaction with a commercial website that incorporates voice recognition technology. Rather than the traditional point-and-click method of making choices, the user speaks into a microphone and makes selections as spoken words and phrases. This adds an ease-of-access to the consumer of today and has made the communication between the human and the device more … Continue reading Is voice commerce the next big thing in Online Shopping?

Ghosts Business

New Orleans Ghost business

How did the ghost business make a profit? or How could one sell something that never exists? Well, check the below video cover from business insider today. As one of the most haunted cities in the US, New Orleans has businesses making a profit from the city’s numerous ghosts. 3 essential tips to boost your online sales on this Halloween: Halloween is a great opportunity … Continue reading New Orleans Ghost business

Choose your plan with Horeb

There is a good news for online store merchants who are planning to set up their business in Magento. Horeb e-commerce has come up with new pricing table which will meet up your business requirements at all level. As the demand increases and rapid changes in the e-commerce, one has to keep their business up to date. Considering the situation we have summarized our pricing plan … Continue reading Choose your plan with Horeb

Case study: Flavourista

Flavourista: Project Profile: Flavourista is one of the affiliate marketing businesses which has the best shopping experiences for food lovers. The core business handles a multi-level marketing strategy and does party orders or social orders via their consultants or the host of the party. After each party order or individual orders, consultants receive their commission based on their sales and personal volumes. Challenge: Understanding the … Continue reading Case study: Flavourista

Case Study: Gold Fever Australia

Project Profile: Gold Fever Australia is hair salon industries which sell hair extensions, accessories, and other salon starters. It has variable and configurable items with some custom options. The company has different accredited salon through which they sell their product on the different location of Australia. Challenge: The requirement of Gold fever Australia is simple and mainly concentrates on building up an e-commerce website with … Continue reading Case Study: Gold Fever Australia