A Brief history of Magento

Here we shared the brief history of Magento through a timeline infographic. Magento is one of the most dominated e-commerce platforms. Today around 2,00,000 of the stores use Magento as per BuiltWith strategies. Get to know more about the Magento 2 by contacting us at info@horebecommerce.com. Feel Free to share this post, and comment your thoughts. DevDev is CEO & Founder of Horeb eCommerce who loves technical … Continue reading A Brief history of Magento

Voice Commerce

Is voice commerce the next big thing in Online Shopping?

What is Voice commerce (vCommerce) actually means? Well, Voice commerce is a user interaction with a commercial website that incorporates voice recognition technology. Rather than the traditional point-and-click method of making choices, the user speaks into a microphone and makes selections as spoken words and phrases. This adds an ease-of-access to the consumer of today and has made the communication between the human and the device more … Continue reading Is voice commerce the next big thing in Online Shopping?

Ghosts Business

New Orleans Ghost business

How did the ghost business make a profit? or How could one sell something that never exists? Well, check the below video cover from business insider today. As one of the most haunted cities in the US, New Orleans has businesses making a profit from the city’s numerous ghosts. 3 essential tips to boost your online sales on this Halloween: Halloween is a great opportunity … Continue reading New Orleans Ghost business