All About Magento PWA Studio

Magento is about to add up PWA Studio as an added feature on their platform along with the Responsive websites and Native app’s, I’ve been seeing the term PWA for a while and did few studies about what is the term and how it works with Magento. let me share a few thoughts about this.

Now, What is PWA?

Ok, let me explain the term PWA and what exactly it does. The Term PWA stands for Progressive Web Application Platform which is firstly invented by Google itself and they define it as ReliableFast, and Engaging. This platform combines the features of the most modern web browser with the benefits of mobile experience. However, this will remain same as a website and can be used as an app if the user tends to use that way. So, once the user opens the website(which has PWA) in a supported browser and a device it prompts the user to add it to the home screen which can be later used as an app.

Why we need PWA?

The PWA is recommended solution because of its fastness than any other website or Native applications. It comes along with Push Notifications and an outstanding feature about PWA is, it can work Offline and sync back when the internet connection is available. this one feature makes the user make more engaged with the application which in-turn highly increase the conversion rate.  PWA make use of minimal network traffic to load the website in a partial or non-existence connection.

What does the Magento PWA Studio have?

So, when it comes to Magento here’s what the suite includes for now

  1. Application Shell: A template file which is a basic PHTML file.
  2. API-Layer: PWA will require some new API method other than the default REST.
  3. Application Framework: The Magento PWA studio wants to work with a Magento store running in “Headless mode”. Which makes uses of “ReactJS” and “Redux” in various ways.

with all of this information around the web I started my research on PWA for Magento in order to adapt to the future technology. Share your thoughts and suggestion to make this post more effective.

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