Case study: Flavourista


Project Profile:

Flavourista is one of the affiliate marketing businesses which has the best shopping experiences for food lovers. The core business handles a multi-level marketing strategy and does party orders or social orders via their consultants or the host of the party. After each party order or individual orders, consultants receive their commission based on their sales and personal volumes.


Understanding the core logic of the client’s business we learned that it involves multi-level marketing strategy alongside with standard shopping website. The main challenge of the project relies on the affiliate system which is 60% and the remaining 40% as e-commerce. Each individual consultants should have their profile page through which they share with their party host and members. The consultant profile should act as the main endpoint for the party members or host to buy the products from the shopping cart.


After gathering the requirements and analysis we provided a detailed report of the entire process to the client to make them understand each and every component of the business logic, We got a separate design team from our partner who completely managed the design interface of the website they created a unique PSD layers for the entire website through which we are able to start building the store with the in-store theme and build up basic components like recipe manager, consultant profile page manager through seller-like module etc. it hardly took 3 weeks of time to build up a store with all basic components and products to load up. The Affiliate model was outsourced to another solution partner who has built-in integration with Magento. We found the solution will help us resolve most of the problems as we have built-in solutions from them already.

After the integration, we started the second phase of the development within the Magento. We customized the dynamic profile page of the consultant to handle the referrer link which activates party member to make orders. Unless it was shared via affiliate profile page user cannot buy the product from the website. Then enrollment forms are embedded inside the website page which similarly works based on the link activation. Alongside we made customized shipping method to handle different shipping charges for host and direct shipping members.

The website handles PayPal express checkout and bank transfer as a primary payment gateway. We tested and deploy various components from test to live as the client requested the site to run in live mode after the initial phase of integrations. We are able to complete the entire process within the requested time and our support continued even after the built is live as the client was happy to manage it with us.

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