Case Study: Gold Fever Australia

Project Profile:

Gold Fever Australia is hair salon industries which sell hair extensions, accessories, and other salon starters. It has variable and configurable items with some custom options. The company has different accredited salon through which they sell their product on the different location of Australia.


The requirement of Gold fever Australia is simple and mainly concentrates on building up an e-commerce website with a simple understandable user interface with some additional options like store locators, template customization, and add-to-cart for logged in user, etc.


With the simple and understandable requirement’s we are able to build up the website in Magento within 3 weeks of time. The development process involved designing and implementations of the block, pages and additional customization on the layout structures. We make use of Lime sharp stockiest and converted the user interface as per the site design. We completed the deployment to live and set up PayPal express checkout and flat rate shipping as a final process. All these processes are developed and implemented within the requested time period which made the client happy.

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