Case Study: How we developed a new store for Trekkergear

Trekker Gear:

Project Profile:

Trekker gear sells trekking products and accessories for trip lovers. They sell varieties of products starting from backpacks, shoes, packages and any kind of gear item specifically for a trekker. Most of the items are configurable and are available in different sizes, colors, etc; this was eventually raised the demand for their products and setting up an online store.


The utmost challenge with this project is we are asked to develop an online store within 3 weeks of time which involves standard e-commerce requirement and preferred Magento2 as solution; they prefer to have their User-Interface design of the front-end website from their design agency that created an amazing PSD layers for us, Most of all the products they sell come in different sizes, colors and other variants which in-case mostly configurable at the customer end. The shipping tariff differs from each product and so they need an option to handle that in the product view of the storefront itself. The payment solution for the website is handled by PayPal express checkout.


Firstly, we are able to make sure that this project can be successfully delivered within the asked time interval by analyzing the requirements after we get the PSD layers from the design agency we started to develop from our in-store theme which almost provides ease of access to the built-up block, pages, theme & design configurations. It hardly took a week to make a complete look and feel of the storefront like the given PSD; we started loading the product with appropriate details and configurable options with the ease of Magento 2 configurable product option. We made a complete test, minified resources and compiled to deploy overproduction within the said time and finally setup PayPal Express Checkout as a payment method. The client was very much happy with the complete process and end result.

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