Ghosts Business

New Orleans Ghost business

How did the ghost business make a profit? or How could one sell something that never exists? Well, check the below video cover from business insider today.

As one of the most haunted cities in the US, New Orleans has businesses making a profit from the city’s numerous ghosts.

3 essential tips to boost your online sales on this Halloween:

Halloween is a great opportunity to add up one more sales holiday to your business. On this occasion, people spend a lot to buy candies, costumes, and decoratives. Here are the 3 essential tips to increase your online sales.

Decorate your webshop:

Remind your customers about this day by adding more fun to your online store: put a pumpkin to your logo, change the font to something gothic, add ghosts to your catalog pages.

Discount coupons:

Give your customer a pleasant shopping experience with a promotion code, Even if you don’t specialize in Halloween goods offer some discounts on your products that will hike your holiday sales, Make a catchy promotional codes something like GHOST20, HAUNTED10 will make a reach.

Gifts & Surprises:

Make use of pop-up on your website and avail gift vouchers and the surprise gift to make your customer engaged. Design the pop-up with Ghosts and more creative which will make your store more engaged.

Happy Halloween!!


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