Rajesh Pranavam – A brand new website


Rajesh Pranavam initially started as “PRANAVAM THE SCHOOL OF PIANO” in Trivandrum They have vast experience in piano training through the studies on international methods, they succeeded in developing a training system which caters the taste and efficiency of the students. For implementing the self-developed piano coaching method and for conveying the importance of piano in composing and conducting music, they started this organization. Along with Piano classes, they added a special trimester based course for sound engineering, “PRANAVAM INSTITUTES OF SOUND ENGINEERING”, The institute is well equipped with piano & sound engineering instruments and all other kits available which makes the learner and the students more efficient to keep updated in their learning skill.


This project was referred to us by Mr. Christy Adaikalam (MD., Sketch Design Studio, Trivandrum) with a brief requirements about their business. After this initial contact, we gather the elaborate needs of the project from Rajesh’s Pranavam which is essentially building up an user centric website which will be more ease to use with best in class user interface, and most prominent need of this business is a lead generation for their piano and sound engineering courses along with frequent updates about their monthly programmes and CAMP activity. Keeping this in mind we prepared a simple proposal to meet all their requirements and make the website within 3-4 weeks of time.


We choose WordPress as CMS system as the project relies mostly on the content, pictures and frequent blogging for their CAMP Activity. We started building a clean and smooth interface for the website frontend with all of the information adapted in each sections, we planned the lead generation pages to get showcased in-order to gain more customer experience on these areas separately. Each and every aspects of the website is well planned and tested before it is Implemented to ensure security at all level. We placed lead generation forms at the suggested area to gain the leads which will be converted as sales on future dates. The subscriptions were managed from Mail-chimp integration which we did inside the website. The system has separate section handing the blog and gallery which will be maintained together  with wordpress blogging system. Once we ensured that all the requested needs are implemented the client is very much happy to make the launch on the said date.

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